Jason Whitlock Is A Sad Sack Of Crap Who Needs To Kill Himself

If you're not familiar with ESPN's resident Uncle Tom, Jason "Uncle Ruckus" Whitlock (as I like to call him), let me brief you for a minute. He's a sports commentator that has bounced in between ESPN and Fox Sports who does what most commentators do- talk about sports and athletes. Except with this human manifestation of Dr. Robotnik, he seems to have a knack for turning a lot of issues racial, and not in a good way. He always rushes to criticize, demean, and out right lie on black athletes in most cases for simply taking a stand on very relevant and timely social issues.

He's criticized Serena Williams for, get this...being "fat" and insinuated she's a slacker because her "natural ability" allows her to dominate the game of tennis, but she could be "so much more". As if she's not already thoroughly kicking the behinds every opponent she comes across, including the ones who are doping to gain an edge over her. He's criticized Colin Kaepernick for his recent stance against police shooting unarmed blacks by referring to him as "Martin Luther Cornrow" and suggested Kaepernick's political awareness was a insincere act since he was also online working on his abs and connecting with IG models. As if a person cannot like young pretty women, care for their personal appearance (Whitlock clearly doesn't care about his), and be socially awake at the same time. And he was the first to run to the defense of Kristine Leahy against that mean ole' Lavar Ball when they had their dust up on TV.

And now, Jason Whitlock has really shown himself to be a self-hating, boot-licking, Uncle Tom-ing, unaware, un-woke house nigga. Recently, in the wake of NBA superstar Lebron James' Los Angeles home being vandalized during a hate crime and having "Nigger" spray painted on the side of it, Whitlock came out and claimed that James "played the victim role" simply because he issued a public statement about the incident, and that because he's rich, this act didn't count as an act of racism. He said that this was all a big "inconvenience" for James because he has enough money to just have the word removed in a hurry. He said that racism only effects "poor black people" and because no one's kids were denied access to a school or no one was denied access to live in a certain neighborhood, this episode at James' home could basically be chalked up as random act of tomfoolery in so many words. He completely ignored the psychological and emotional damage this incident could've had on James or on any one of his family members. He ignored the fact that the media was already talking about this story even before Lebron James chose to issue an official statement.  He even brought up how rich people like Oprah don't have to deal with racism, allegedly, because they have so much money, as if racists see black folks' green before they see their black.

I watched the video of Jason Whitlock doubling down on his comments as fellow sports analyst Chris Broussard had his turn playing the role of the lightest-skin-brother-in-the-room-who's-woke-but-nobody-wants-to-listen-to-him-cause-he-light-skinned-and-likely-trying-to-prove-something, and Broussard seemed honestly flabbergasted and confused by Whitlock's assertions.

Jason Whitlock is one of the worst kinds of Negroes. He criticizes and demoralizes those who take a stand on racial and social issues for the flimsiest reasons. He believes money is the answer to black people ultimately overcoming. And he seems to think that as long as we as black people aren't literally being sold as property on an auction block and being lynched en masse, that we're somehow not experiencing real racism. He pushes the idea that all micro-aggressions we experience are just a natural facet of life that us uppity negroes need to get over. He's nothing but a paid mouth piece for racist (or at the very least, racially insensitive) white people to say what they know they can't say to black people under the disguise of "keeping it real", "straight talk", and telling fellow black people "what they need to hear". People like Jason Whitlock do just as much harm as outsiders who keep us marginalized, segregated, and cut-off from opportunities, equality, and social justice. He's the nigga that conservatives can point at and go "See, that guy gets it. Why can't the rest of you people be like him?!" And the worst part is that I think he knows it. He has to. But I believe he's so consumed in his own self-loathing to even care. He looks lonely. He looks like he has no friends. He looks like he's one Big Mac away from his organs quitting on him under the weight of supporting and keeping his sad, fat behind alive day after day. And now I'm kind of wishing his obvious snack fetish would cause him to blow up one day like that one guy from Big Trouble In Little China, and put him out of his misery and save us a lot of headaches.

Dear White People, You Gots To Chill!



Dear White People, You Gots To Chill!

By Bug One


   There's a saying that's existed for a long time now that goes "Only a hit dog hollers." And judging by the fallout from various caucasians over the 35 second teaser trailer for the upcoming Netflix series "Dear White People" (based off the underrated 2014 film), there are still plenty of insensitive trolls out there who frankly don't like to be told that they can't dehumanize minorities. To be honest, I heard about the white outrage over this trailer before I even heard that this new television series existed. And since I had already seen the movie, I'm thinking "Maybe they kicked it up a notch? Maybe in this trailer they are really holding up a mirror to all the bigots out there and really giving some scathing observations and criticisms." Then I saw the trailer. And to be honest, the only real take away was blackface=bad+offensive. That's it. No "why do white people put mayonnaise on and in everything?" No "Boy, they sure can't dance!" Not even a "Why did so many of you vote in a pathelogical liar into the White House?"  But then again, how much social commentary can you really fit in 35 seconds?! Apparently enough to piss off a segment of White America known as the "alt-right".

   A quick clip of a young black woman asking very nicely and articulately for her white schoolmates not to don blackface on Halloween because it is offensive was enough for some out there to say Netflix was promoting a show that encouraged "white genocide" and was "racist" and have organized a boycott of Netflix just for carrying the show. A show that hasn't even aired yet!  I really need someone to explain this one for me. Is it racist for an oppressed group to say "hey, stop oppressing us?" Or "please don't do that thing we find offensive."? Is asking a group to be a little more thoughtful in how they relate to another group equivalent to genocide??!!!? Maybe in their minds their right to be as ugly and as racist as they want to be is such an integral part of their identity and psyche, seeing us lowly darkies even DARE to tell them to stop is such a wigflip they have no choice but to react as if we're carving out a piece of their hearts? Maybe the ability and freedom to poke fun at and devalue other humans is just that precious to them and they feel that's all they have to instill a sense of pride in their pitiful selves and its worth fighting for? Maybe for some of them, that is all they have?  I don't know, and I'm sure I'll never understand. I just hope the show is as good as the movie, insightful, entertaining, and a huge success. And kudos to Netflix for carrying it.

   And to the white folks out there who feel a TV show is going to upend 300+ years of white supremacy and bring forth the death of the white race, in the words of EPMD, you gots to chill.