1Hood Media is a collective of socially conscious artists and activists who utilize art as a means of raising awareness about social justice matters affecting people around the world. 

Arts and Culture

We seek to establish a platform for artistic expression in attempts to further the economic and creative advancement of artist, as well the active engagement of diverse audiences. We embrace the arts and culture as our forefathers envisioned and endeavor to provide a cosmopolitan experience.




Never censoring youth in our programming, we provide a safe space for youth to learn, grow, and tell their own stories.  Youth serve on our advisory board, staff, and assist with teaching classes, presenting workshops, writing blogs, and performing.  



1Hood Media aims to be the vehicle that will identify, develop, and inspire those artists/activists destined to rise to the challenges we face today, and use our talents and gifts, to  organize our communities for real change. “Now more than ever all the family must be together” - Gil Scott-Heron