1Hood Artivist Academy develops the next contingency of artists and activist who stand as the first response to matters negatively impacting social justice using art and modern activist methodologies to confront injustices and amplify the messages of the disenfranchised, while being mindful of the psychological and physical impact of this work on self and family. We take a holistic approach to cultivating both the artist and the activist, individually, to fulfill the duties assigned by, not only by the urgency of the time, but as required by artists and activist upon whose shoulders we stand.  Nina Simone said, “It is an artist's duty to reflect the times” and Paul Robeson told us, “The answer to injustice is not to silence the critic, but to end the injustice.”  Our mission is to prepare the artist and activist of today to successfully receive the baton and continue to build upon the foundation that was lain so many years ago.