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Treble NLS is a multi talented artist hailing from the east side of Pittsburgh. He is a performer, poet, songwriter, emerging producer, and audio engineer. He prides himself on having purpose in everything he does. Even to the name. Treble signifies his love for the craft by naming himself after the clef. NLS is an acronym that stands for Next Level Shit and Never Lose Sight. Both meanings stemming from an importance placed on self motivation, Treble NLS prides himself on staying focused on the goal.

He emphasizes the importance of elevation in all aspects of life, especially spiritually. He makes music for those who haven’t found a way to properly articulate their emotions. He puts personal experiences in his songs for those souls who can relate and find refuge in his sound. He makes music with the hopes of freeing his mind with every thought out lyric, and further freeing the minds of every listener one song at a time. Treble hopes to expand and introduce the world to a love that needs felt more than said.