Photo by Leah Johns

Photo by Leah Johns

Jordan howard


King Legion (also known as livefromthecity), is a songwriter, composer, and recording engineer. Born and raised in Wilkinsburg, PA Legion spent his younger years playing basketball with hopes of catching the attention of a college scout. When those plans did not come to fruition, he picked up his old hobby of rapping as a means of therapy. As he made more music, Legion realized that hip-hop was his passion and began to make music full-time.

Legion says that he really got inspired to make music when one of his best friends was killed on duty with the Marine Corps after he graduated high school. “We used to go to my house and rap after school, and he was one of the best rappers I had ever met. He’s with me every time I rhyme.”

As Legion grieved his comrade, he began to focus even harder on his music, and reaches out via social media to another good friend of his from high school that made music as well. “I actually went to one of his video shoots, and we just linked up from there. We were in his garage recording freestyles we eventually created songs from.”

Legion currently still resides in Wilkinsburg, which he considers his home and the people his family. He has performed at many events in the city of Pittsburgh, and some events outside of his home state lines. He has released 2 EP’s (Seasons, 2014 and The Last Pick, 2015) as well as 1 full length project (Sex Sells, 2015) and currently is working on a new project (The Freak Show, TBA).

 Photo by Leah Johns

Photo by Leah Johns

 Photo by Leah Johns

Photo by Leah Johns


Jacquea Olday


Who Is Jacquea Mae? She is an amazing singer, actress & creative artist that has graced the mic at several open mics, theatrical productions and has featured as an artist at many venues, festivals, open mics & more, throughout the city of Pittsburgh & beyond. Ms. Mae continues to rave reviews for her powerful, soulful & from the gut performances.

Jacquea has also starred as Alberta ‘Pearl’ Johnson with actress Julie Beroes in Black Pearl Sings, under the direction of New Horizons Theater in 2013 & once again, as Bessie Smith in Queens Of The Blues last year. Jacquea Mae is currently working on her first EP, The Makings Of Me, teaching young artists with 1Hood Media, & asserting her creativity with a voice and spirit that soars!


Kahlil Darden

Youth and Activism Coordinator

My name is Kahlil G. Darden. I am the son of Jentil John. I was born on March 11th of 2001. In 2016, I created an organization to reach out to young African American men in the city of Pittsburgh that believed in being active in their communities. About two months ago, we created a branch for female activist and we stand strong and united under the name of Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens. Briefly, before I began my organization my uncle was murdered at gunpoint in 2013 which gave me the courage and wisdom to do something great not to only make him proud but change the world around me. Just recently, we were taken under the wing of 1Hood Media. Through 1Hood we work together to express love and motivation throughout the city of Pittsburgh with our community service, talents, and so much more. I also started the first Black Student Union at Penn Hills Senior High School in the 2016-2017 school year and wish to do more with that this upcoming school year. I desire to continue my work within the community and to eventually become an Author in the next few years. All things are possible with the scripture Philippians 4:13 at hand. 

" I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."