Jasmine Green is a visual artist and political activist born and raised on the east side of Pittsburgh. Her art, under the brand Black Girl Absolute, focuses on celebrating black women, black girls and the black community across the diaspora. Starting her professional career with pieces like “Blacker the Berry” and “Sunrise”, Jasmine symbolically covers a range of experiences within the black community, including pain, beauty, loss, love, mental health, and victory.


Her goal is to increase the amount of original artwork that expresses the black experience owned by black families in the Pittsburgh Area, as well as utilizing the medium in a way that causes discomfort to those upholding the status quo of America’s racial caste system. Jasmine’s most recent project, “Life Policed”, challenges the over-policing and militarization of highly black populated areas, as well as excuses made against ending the practice that place the blame in the hands of those oppressed by it.

Jasmine also specializes in spoken word poetry, and will be starting art workshops through 1Hood’s Media Academy program, specifically to teach young artists how to use art in response to social events and to further their activism.