The Soul Man, Idasa Tariq is a graphic designer, music artist and producer hailing from Pittsburgh, PA by way of Binghamton, NY. Since 14, Tariq has been recording and producing his own music as well as for others  such as Jasiri X (“Just A Minstrel”, "The Babies"), Dominique Larue's ‘HerStory’ EP, Blak Rapp Madusa 'Steel Waters Run Deep' EP, and made his first album debut with ‘Pissed Off Soul Man’ in 2011. Influenced by artists and producers such as Blackstar, Kanye West, Black Milk & Little Brother, Tariq continues to create Hip Hop Soul music that is influenced by the music of yesterday, inspired by the reality of today.


After relocating back to Pittsburgh in July of 2013, Tariq went on to further his career in art and music by becoming a Hip Hop teaching artist, and now as the Assistant Creative Director at 1Hood Media Academy. Through the 1Hood Media Academy, Tariq saw how he could make a bigger impact on people by combining Hip Hop and media literacy education and furthering the ideas of youth arts in Pittsburgh, following the guidance of his elder peers and instructors Jasiri X and Paradise Gray of X CLAN.


In 2016 Tariq was awarded #3 on ''s Top 25 Underground Hip Hop Artists of 2015' and released his 10th project 'FRAMES' (featuring 1Hood Media artists Patience Roy'al, LiveFromTheCity, Chris Butler, Nairobi & Jordan Montgomery) for digital download via 1Hood Media and his own imprint, Ground Flow Communications. He is currently working on his 11th release, 'An Album For My Parents', along with a handful of collaborative projects as lead producer in and outside the 1Hood Media artist camp.