Word! by Maia Williams

By Maia Williams

Pittsburgh’s 1Hood media organization will be holding a Word Remake Learning Workshop on Friday May 26 5-6:30p.m at the 1Hood Media studio on 460 Melwood Ave. suite 207.
The event will allow participants to tell their stories and share their voices by using Hip Hop skills to speak on social justice issues. Each participant will use a beat, chose a topic and perform live. Although it is mainly targeted to teenagers, it is open to people of all ages. It is a free event.
1Hood is a group of conscious artists and activist. They use art to spread awareness on social justice affairs that affect people globally. According to their website, “Art is the best way to challenge inequity, raise awareness and unify humans.” They provide performances, written, and visual art. They also provide blogging, videography, and media literacy etc.

Some members of 1Hood are highly impacted by the organization workshops. Ashley Brown, 18, is included. Brown joined the organization on April 20 2016.  Brown said, “My first performance at CAPA High school was a proud moment for me because it helped me get out of my comfort zone.” 

It has given her the opportunity to perform live and record in their studio at no cost. “1Hood helped me grow by helping me identify and brand myself as an artist,” Brown said.
Rapper Jasiri X is the cofounder of 1Hood. He advises the artists to be consistent with their creativity and attending the meetings. An obstacle he faces as an artist and activist is some racism in Pittsburgh. He became a cofounder to help bring neighborhoods in Pittsburgh together. Jasiri said, “Our unity is like our power.” 

1Hood has had a personal affect on him as an activist. “It gave me the real experience of real community work.” He is also impacted by 1Hoods affect on the artists. “We’re helping to develop the next generation of voices. Paying artists to do what they love to do is the greatest feeling in the world,” he said.

The organization was founded in 2006 as a group of men who addressed violence in and against the African American community. They have expanded into an intergenerational and intersectional community and still focus on injustices revolved around the African American community.

For more information on the 1Hood organization, visit www.1hood.org . Anyone interested in joining can contact them directly by email at info@1hood.org