What if your opinions on hip-hop are wrong?

Jasiri X and 1Hood Media Hash Out Unpopular Rap Opinions in New Podcast URONG


In an age of sharing unpopular opinions, hip-hop artivist and 1Hood Media CEO Jasiri X with co-host Farooq Al-Said challenge popular opinions around hip-hop music and culture. In URONG: Unpopular Rap Opinion, Now Go!, listeners will get entertainment, laughs and insight into some hot topic questions. Launching on June 14, 2018, the pull-no-punches conversation-style show debates the many facets of hip-hop from the perspectives of fellow artists and changemakers.

Each week, the duo invite a member of the community to join the lively, and oftentimes hilarious, conversations. From Greatest Rapper of All Time and the  Evolution of Hip Hop  to the Culture of the Entertainment Industry and the Impact of Current Events on Lyricism & Creation, URONG explores history, pop culture, lyricism and much more through a hip-hop lense.

“I think audiences can find URONG unabashedly honest. We put pretences aside and just objectively look at rappers and the entertainment industry  in every episode. We play favourites a lot in hip hop as a culture and that never was ok with me. So, we’re telling people if and why they’re wrong,” says Al -Said, himself a MC once signed to Universal Records, on the podcast’s uncensored dialogue.

Tune in for the official launch of the show on June 14, 2018 at 6:30 PM in a live recording broadcasted on Facebook at 1Hood Media and Instagram at Jasiri X. URONG will be available on iTunes, Spotify and Tidal. For questions and comments contact Tye Clarke at Tye@1hood.org.