Ghetto Fast Food Joint Practices That Need To Stop Now!

Over the course of my 33 years of life on this earth, I've eaten a lot of fast food (nothing I'm very proud of) in a lot of different areas. And I can honestly say that there are certain practices and shortcomings that you say, habitual, when it comes to fast food restaurants in the black community. I have made a list of all the things that I want to see stop being done in said establishments and while I know its wishful thinking on my part, maybe we can at least demand better or just stop supporting joints that do the following:

The unresponsive drive-thru intercom. You drive up, there's silence. You call out to see if anyone's on the other side, there's silence. You honk your horn, silence. Finally after a while, an extremely distorted and barely audible voice responds and tells you "Hold on a minute!" You patiently wait, then after 5-7 minutes of staring at the intercom, they're finally ready to take your order. You spit out the first couple of items you want to order and they yell out "Hold on." again as if you're reciting your order at some breakneck speed that they simply cannot comprehend.

Getting the order wrong all the time. I swear one time I ordered a plain burger from the Wendy's around my house and they gave me buns with no hamburger patty on it!! Just the bread with some mayonnaise, pickles, ketchup, and onions spread on it. Why is it so hard for hood joint to get the orders right?! If I'm telling you I don't want certain toppings on my sandwich, I thought I was in essence asking ya'll to do less work?! Which brings me to my next point...

Not giving you any compensation for screwing up your order. At the same Wendy's around my house my wife and I had to take back a messed up order and the manager looked at us with a straight face and said "I'll comp you for the burger." which I thought meant he would give us the sandwich we ordered and paid for, how we ordered it, and our money back for our troubles, but no. He meant he'll just give us what we paid for without charging us any extra!! I'm like "Nigga, how you gonna comp us for something we already paid for by just giving us what we paid for?!!" The idea of giving the customer a free drink, french fries, or dessert for the inconvenience of screwing up their order or making them wait for 30-45 minutes for no clear cut reason, is obviously a concept hood fast food joints have never heard of.

Not accepting debit/credit cards. This is disturbingly common. I've been robbed before and make it a habit to not carry a whole lot of cash on my person. I would say that 50% to 65% of hood food joints do not accept plastic because there's a fee connected to using the card machine. Some forward thinking hood spots simply charge you an extra 25 cents to pay with a card, while others simply skip all that jazz and install some off brand ATM in the corner of the joint that will charge you $3.50 to withdraw $20.

The obligatory 15 minute wait for an item that they should have on tap. Why in the wide, wide world of sports do I have to wait 15 minutes or longer for an item whose name is in the name of the establishment?! Why is it a 15 minute wait for chicken at KFC or Popeye's Chicken?! Its not like I ordered shrimp or catfish or some other specialty item that doesn't get requested often. Or say it's a burger joint and there's a wait for fries...these are items you should theoretically have on tap and a constant supply of!! Well, at least they're letting you know what you're in for.

Telling you to "drive up to that spot" after you've paid for your meal in the drive thru. When did this BS start?! You pay for your food and they want you to drive another car length or two up to some random spot. Why can't I wait right here? Where I just paid you? Isn't is easier for you to just give me my food at the window than to send some 90 pound teenager outside into the 15 degree weather to hand me my food? And what if the order's wrong? Now I gotta get out of the safety of my car and knock on the window or the go in the actual place (which obviously I was trying to avoid by going through the drive- thru!) to demand the correct order. If asking the customer to drive past a certain point has something to do with clocking shorter wait times for their lines (this is what I've been told), how bout you just have the food ready and cooked? Quit trying to employ trickery and just do what they do in the other to have the food ready quickly.

I'm calling on all my fellow black people out there to please stop patronizing joints with these habits or at least call the corporate office to file a complaint. Cause if we never demand change, we can never expect it.