Why We Must Identify the Proud Racists of Charlottesville

Deandre Harris, during and after attacks by white supremacists. (google.com)

Deandre Harris, during and after attacks by white supremacists. (google.com)

Historically speaking, KKK members have put forth at least nominal effort in hiding their identities.  At this point in history, the whole white sheets and hood thing is just theirs.  Even ghosts ain't wearing white sheets anymore, as they don't want their brands associated with the Klan.  In the beginning KKK had many reasons beyond the sartorial for dressing up in their finest bedwear, but one not insignificant reason is that the hood also served to hide their identities.  See, the activities of the KKK have always been technically illegal, even if the membership of the organization itself was in some areas indistinguishable from the police department.  Still, it was important to cover up one's face, just to make sure that no unpleasant consequences came your way.   Which begs the question--why the fuck did these idiots in Charlottesville think that it would be an awesome idea to march through a town in 2017 yelling openly racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic bullshit, holding torches to illuminate their sweaty, angry faces?

Because sure as shit, like clockwork, the internet immediately began to identify them and make them accountable.  For some, this means losing their jobs and their livelihood.  For others, like the ones caught on tape beating Deandre Harris, a young black man, half to death--identifying them will hopefully mean serious consequences, like, an intimate relationship with the criminal justice system type serious.  But in the midst of all our celebration when they get caught, we have to put up with a bunch of whining--like that one angry ass racist who whines that now people think he's some angry ass racist, when really he can explain everything with some angry ass racist words, and we also have to put up with some hand-wringing about the faaaairness of it all.

I first ran into this fairly recently.  Y'girl loves advice columns, and I spend way too much time reading them.  In the comments section on one of them, I was recently surprised to see people questioning why other folks expose the deeds of Bad People to their jobs and work to get Bad People fired.  If a person is racist, it was posited by some, what does that have to do with their job and their ability to care for their family?  This was a real record scratch, time continuum interrupting idea for me, and one so thoroughly basted in thick, nasty white privilege that it should have its own heading in the bukkake section on PornHub.  But yes, there are actually people out there who think that racism is some kind of simple prejudice that is easily quarantined.  Like maybe you can be racist just on dating apps when women of color reject you, and all of a sudden she's all kinds of nigger bitches, but somehow be completely non-racist in every other area of your life.  Nah, son.  If you're racist, you're racist.  You ain't racist on Tinder without also being racist when hiring for your job, approving loan applications, or respecting your minority boss.  When you're racist, there is literally nothing you do that is not informed by the hate you carry.

That's why it's so important that these assholes in Charlottesville be exposed for what they are, and bear the full brunt of the consequences for what they were so proud to do.  There is no such thing as a 1 day racist.  These people are in white supremacist spaces on the internet, gassing each other up about how awesome they are, and how great the world would be without brown people, loving on Hitler and planning marches like the one they had last week.  As I said earlier, none of these people were just walking through town with their noses in a book and accidently stumbled into a KKK rally.  Yet, I'm seeing so-called allies wring their hands about whether or not people should be getting exposed.   Really?  Their president has made these cretins feel comfortable coming out of the shadows and showing their faces.  So for the most part, they eschewed hoods and robes, feeling so secure in their privilege and in the protection of the highest office of the land that they thought it was no longer necessary to hide their faces.  But it's a new day, and we have new tools.  These fools chose to expose themselves in the full, disinfecting light of day.  It is not 1875; a little thing called the internet exists, and we will use it.  So if you decide to put your face out there accompanied by the words and symbols of hate, you deserve all the opprobrium that comes your way.  Fuck them.  And if you think something is wrong with that, then fuck you too.