Dear White People of the Internet

A chat, if you will.  Because this whole sharing the internet thing with some of you guys is getting pretty stressful.  Let's take it slow, and address just three things.


1. Black people don't know anything more about their neighbors than you do. 

On every gaht damn news story involving a crime committed in a predominately Black neighborhood, some dumbass opines that the neighborhood knows who did it, and the neighborhood simply need to turn the miscreants in.  Crime solved.  My God!  Why didn't we think of that?  Here we are, mired in violent neighborhoods we wish to God we could move from, but are instead immobilized against our will by decades of institutionalized racism, literally living in fear of our own lives and those of our children, and all we had to do was tell the police who done it?  Really?  What decade is this?  The time when everyone on the block knew each other is long past, and that goes for White Town too.  If you, Mr. White, don't know the name of your neighbor across the cul de sac, what makes you think I know my neighbor across the street, and know them intimately enough that they'd apprise me of a crime they just committed?  Could you do the same if the guy three doors down was killing people and stowing the bodies in his garage?  Do you even know that guy's name?  This is not a thing, and you know it.  Stop.

2. Like you, minorities can choose to wear what they want. 

Similar to men who think any woman wearing a dress is "asking for it," apparently minorities are not allowed to wear what they want, when they want to wear it.  Ladies in hijabs deserve to be assaulted because they should know better than to wear that in 'Murrica.   Young Black men targeted by the police because they happen to be wearing a baseball cap (while Black) should know better than to wear gang attire.  Hell, I recently read a news article about a five year old boy who was shot, and in the comments, some ass said his parents shouldn't have "dressed him like a thug" if they didn't want him shot.  This was a tiny 5 year old wearing a baseball cap, jeans and a button down shirt -- basically the uniform of every 40-something White dad picking his kid up from my son's school -- but because this was a Black child, of course he was a thug.  Can you not do this?

3. People of Color have the internet too. 

I know, shocking!  I'm a lover of history, and am very interested in the neighborhood I grew up in.  A neighborhood that was halfway decent when my parents moved into it, then quickly spiraled into poverty and crime once White Flight destabilized it and ruined property values.  Facts, people: Crime is a symptom of poverty, not race.  And White Flight destroys the entire economic underpinning of a healthy neighborhood, inexorably leading to low property values, which in turn means low property taxes which results in poor schools and poorer education.  A massive case of White Flight sets a neighborhood on an unerring course towards poverty, and yes, crime.  Yet, I cannot tell you how many times I'm reading a post on a FaceBook group, which oddly enough is not called "Memories from Before N*ggers Ruined the Neighborhood," and instead of simply reminiscing or sharing historical facts, the conversation devolves into how awesome the neighborhood was before "the animals" moved in and tore the place up.  Animals like my parents, I suppose.  Sorry, nope.  If you White Flighted your ass out of the neighborhood because you couldn't bear to share your space with minority families, then you ruined the neighborhood.  Oh, and when I'm then moved to snatch a wig or two on this topic, it becomes clear that these bastards are so secure within their White bubble that they've never even considered that there might be some representatives of the group they're denigrating in the same forum as them.  Sorry folks, Black people have the internet too.  We can read, and we will read you.

So, yeah.  Three things.  Three really simple things.  Can you do it?


Geechee Anne