Something Interesting by Tyreek Peppers

I would like to take a pause and clarify a couple of things before I proceed—I am not going to be deeply explaining each type of music genre, because it's simply something I have no plans on doing. Perhaps some might slip out—just know that is not my intention. I simply want to explain what type of music I listen to; nothing more, nothing less. Now that I've got that out the way we can proceed...


I listen to every type of music that a person can refer to me. It just so happens that rock music is one of the many genres of music I listen to. Rock music that isn't loud, like heavy metal when the person is just screaming to the top of their lungs, is something I don't enjoy listening to. I listen to rock bands like; Paramore, Pierce the Veil, and Panic at the Disco—these are some of the best rock bands in my personal opinion.


This genre music has been with me for years; it's probably the first genre that I've ever listened to. Some R&B music can play at the listener's heartstrings. Most R&B artists perform songs that put the listener in a certain mood. Some of the R&B music that I like listening to are the ones that have a story of emotional value or if they are from the past. I find it to be a very creative way of telling the story in song—such as R&B artists like R.Kelly, who is very well-known for his collaboration with the Isley Brothers.


Gospel music, in my opinion, is the best music genre. Depending on what artists you listen to depends on how your gospel music experience is going to play out. My favorite type of gospel artist is Jessica Reedy, because of her well-known song, “Better.”  A. Priestly stated before that some songs tell of a story about an artist’s past—this is one of those songs. The story tells of troubling moments in people's live, and how eventually these troubling moments have to pass to make way for the positive moments.

Hip Hop

I listen to hip hop music a lot of the time. Today's hip-hop is a little different from the old hip hop that I'm so used to. There's a lot of mumbling, and not enough words being delivered to the listener. I'm not going to lie, some of today's hip-hop is very catchy and some of the rappers that stepped in the game are really hot right now. But I've noticed that some independent rappers aren't really well-known to some listeners, which is a shame to me because there are some really good rappers with really good punchlines and bars out there that people just don't notice. That's just so sad.