Solutions by Tyreek Peppers

Based on the title, you probably have a good idea of what this blog is going to be about. Many of us search for a way to solve problems. By us, I mean people that get lost in thought, thinking about the world’s problems. Some people think and think about problems that America has: like the President of the United States, racism, the universe and relationships—even problems of other countries.

Before the election started, people had knowledge of whom would be running for President of the United States. I mean, it wasn’t a secret we as citizens of America know of the billionaire and the lady that keep secrets. After the president was selected, there were a lot of complaints. If Americans paid attention and actually cared to research the the two parties and what they were about, there wouldn’t be complaining. It amuses me to hear people say that they couldn’t decide on who to vote for so, they didn’t vote at all. It was the third party that had every solution to the problems that America would face, also ideas that sounded amazing. Yet, people couldn’t decide on who to vote for.

Even though no one wants to hear it, racism is still a problem that has no solution. I mean, people try to figure out ways to solve this issue, but there's never a good rock-solid solution. When Barack Obama was elected to be the President of the United States—to me—that was the first step to getting rid of racism. I was really happy too, you know, until Obama’s eight years were up. Then we made a trade; we went from a man of his word to a man of just total craziness.

Then you have people who are really racist but keep it on the low—people that don’t want to make their secret public. Now, these are probably the same people that believe there are aliens hiding out there in the cosmos. It makes me laugh to think that these very people that are really racist at heart, have hopes and dreams of meeting gray or green aliens. I can’t make sense of the very thought: how do you expect to meet beings of another planet when you can’t get along with the various  people of color on this planet?

Then again, I can’t tell what people are really think. I just don’t want people jumping the gun too early. Let's just deal with the problems and people on earth first; to at least try to fix the problems people have with each other. We need to get rid of the deep hatred the we as people hold inside of us because—believe it or not—hating other the people takes too much energy. It’s much better to just forgive and try to build strong relationships; it could really be a positive step in the right direction.

I believe that America should try to build strong relationships with other countries. The only problem with America trying to build relationships with other countries is that the history is filled of bloodshed and mistrust. No one can really trust each other. So, when the billionaire started talking about kicking people out, he just sounded like a fool to me.

Coming back to the topic at hand, for all of these problems that people love to talk about, there are solutions. It’s just people don’t care enough to join in and help their brethren solve them.

“It is better to chase and catch one rabbit, then it is to chase and catch two rabbits at the same time.”