Button (Poetry) by James Perry Dejah Monea



What do you see when you look at my face

A blinded transparency but upfront

You only see race

There's more than what first impressions reveal

A blood may cry at night; a saint may cold-heartedly kill

Someone always look differently than what they feel

Like a beautiful girl behind closed doors may be popping them pills

Open the eye draws the blurred line leading up to iris

And then you'll know Columbus and his crew was just glorified pirates and

Well, since I'm dropping knowledge every gay man ain't infected with

Human immunodeficiency virus

I chose to be different even if no one can understand it

That's why they call me social bandit

There’s more to a painting than just what you think, like there is more to the world than what you believe

Look at it in perspective

Do you see what I can, it’s because my third eye is my go to, just like my right hand

Look at these people—what’s the difference? Nothing

But to others the only thing we have in common is the ignorance

If you ain’t know there was a new black somebody tell them

And throw a bone cuz Raven Symone must not know any better

Take a long at me and what do you see?

It doesn’t matter cuz the outside is the hide the vibes that you can’t beat

I chose to walk down this road I want to embark

Try to break even but it always ends up breaking my heart

If what’s done in the dark always come to the light

I’m so focused I’m like “damn, no distractions in sight”

It ain’t all of your fault you got a broken home you know it’s heartbreaking to see peers go through life on their own

There’s more to a house of stairs than a roof top

There was more to b-boying than just cardboard and a boom box

Battling on rooftops

Cyphers on street corners

Playing instruments, begging people to leave quarters

Make my Living doing what I can

Langston Hughes would be proud of this Renaissance man

I want you to Look at me, MC Escher

Whole step above me like harmonies

We are too clever so we stick together

Wait just a minute darling I’ve been here before

This is the part before you hurt me

2 in the chamber; she’s a femme fatale, of course

That’s why the bedroom is so bloody

Good day, 1st date

Iron out my suit and tie

She think I’m a nice guy

But she got thick build nice thighs

Tonight’s the night I claim the domain

And what remains will get claimed again—that’s you girl

Got 1 got 2 got a few girls

What you goin’ do girl?

That’s what I shoot for

You a killa, you a killa

Slang more dope than the most drug dealers

We like fussin’ and fighting

You and the world can all die with us

Load up the 9 and let the boy have everything in life you wanna get back

Cheating? Check

Stealing? Check

Manipulating my feelings, check

Dead, check

And gone, check

Now the headache is gone so on with the next