Who am I? by Baiyinah Brookins

Dreamer. Believer. Seeker. Mother. Traveler. Introvert. Ambivert. Daughter. Student. Lover.

Who am I? I am a seeker; I truly want to know and understand what God’s plan is for me. Then, I want to flow through the universe like water into where I’m supposed to be.

On the surface, I am a 31-year-old mother of one. I am the daughter of two great builders in Pittsburgh, and I am in school following God’s plan for me. I’m currently interning with 1Hood Media, and I was given the task of explaining who I am.

I’m still trying to understand my place. I am an intersectional woman, that is, I am Black, a woman, and a Muslim. In today’s racist, Islamophobic, and misogynistic world, I sometimes struggle. However, I believe that through social justice work we can give voice to people who aren’t always celebrated—that is the reason I wanted to intern with 1Hood Media. I believe in the work that Celeste and Jasiri are doing, and I want to contribute in whatever capacity I’m needed. The essence of most people are good, I truly believe that. I believe that the majority of people want good, I also know that there are elite powers in control of this world that want to limit the oppressed and marginalized from unifying. That is why I think social justice work in whatever medium is important because it allows us to unify around our causes.

I’m a mother.  My son, he is five years old and a black child in America. I want to do something for him; so that he can grow up and feel that there is no limit to possibilities. I want him to seek the divine, and be good to people so I try to exude qualities that he can look up to. As a mother raising a black son in America, I want to make sure that he has the opportunity to travel so that he can see that the world is large with varying cultures, languages and ethnicities. I want him to have a larger worldview so that he understands that he doesn’t have to remain in a place especially if that place does not treat everyone with justice and equality.

I am a daughter. I am the daughter of Jamil and Rashida Brookins. Two amazing people.

My mother is a nurse, a healer and a sage. My father is a builder, an entrepreneur, and a spiritual leader. Growing up, my father has always fused social justice work with entrepreneurship. He utilized his store as a place where he could build relationships with the community and provide a space for customers to discuss the state of affairs in the black community. I seek to one day have a business that does the same; it’s important for people to understand what’s going on and to be informed about the needs of the community.

I want to contribute like they have to this world. This is a fraction of a fraction of who I am or who I hope to be. InshaAllah (if it's God's will).