Does money rule the world? By Tyreek Peppers

“Money can't buy love.” I've been thinking about that quote for a while now. I mean, would that quote be untrue to people like actors and actresses? For actor and actresses, when it comes to a certain scene in the movie—like a love scene—I believe they get paid to do that. I think the well-known quote “Money can't buy love” needs to be rewritten.

“Money can't buy Genuine love, because love cannot be brought.” I believe that money rules the world, you have to really think about it to understand what I'm saying, though. A couple of years ago—in the legal system—if you were a lower-class citizen and you went to court you’d probably lose the case. In times like those, if you were to sued by someone richer than you were, you’d lose the case. The judge, a person that is supposed to stand for justice, stood for money and the upper class back then.

The title of this blog comes from a time in my life when  I would think deeply about how little money I had. There would be times when I saw something that I liked, but didn’t have enough cash. Plus, on top of that, I like to look very nice; a good outfit completes me. I also like video games and buying amazing movies, but they cost money, not to mention purchasing food, and paying rent to keep a roof over our head.  

A lot of things in this world cost something. As much as I keep talking, prices are going up right at this second. Next thing you know, we'll be all paying for air. I could understand paying for light, gas, or even keeping the cable on. But to pay for something every human being needs like water is ridiculous. To make this short, everything around us runs on Money.