Who am I? by Tyreek L. Peppers

My name is Tyreek L Peppers. I'm half African-American and Mexican. I'm eighteen years old, 5”11, and originally from Trenton, NJ. While in Trenton, I attended Trenton Central High School (TCHS). The school is divided into three, small learning communities. There, I belonged to the Visual Performing Arts department (VPA). I later moved from Trenton with my mother and two brothers to Pittsburgh, PA.

Growing up in Trenton, I enjoyed parkour, working out with the football team, and performing with the TCHS choir. I joined the choir to better myself in the art of singing, but also to help conquer my stage fright. My talents are singing and acting. My interests later developed into writing songs, playing video games and reading about subjects I find interesting. I greatly enjoy writing and reading, as I believe they go hand and hand.

I'm a very strong reader and writer. My favorite subjects in school are English and History. I like to read and learn about things that happened long ago; there's just something about the past that keeps me interested, such as the dark secrets of those who came before me. I also enjoy reading about philosophers and the way they perceived reality.

I believe there are two different kinds of readers—those that read to escape from reality, to run away from the pain it can cause, and those that read to learn and obtain knowledge. If I were to places myself in one of the two, I would be neither. I read because I enjoy reading and I learn something new every time.

I’ve been able to perceive reality since the age of 12 or 13, and I've always worried or stressed about the future. Not my future, of course, but the future of mankind. As my interest with History grew, so did my awareness, as well as the evolution of man and the religion that came along with it.

Who am I? The question alone gives you, the reader, insight on me and then some. Even though I didn't provide a deeper insight on my life and why I think the way I do, it's so you don't get lost; I don't want you to worry. I'm a person that love a good challenge, so now I challenge you, the reader. Who are you?