Why YouTube Is For Artistic People - by Curtis Herndon



Why YouTube Is For Artistic People

by Curtis Herndon


There’s millions of people who use YouTube.com everyday as its now being used more thn TV. If you are not familiar with YouTube then i’ll explain what it is. YouTube is a video sharing website where people can post videos online for millions to watch. The website was founded and launched for all to use by three employees of PayPal named Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chan in 2005.It was uploaded for the same purposes it has now. Later on other as people used the website, it was later on bought by Google for $1.65 billions dollars as they seen that the website would be a huge success for years, and that it did. Now millions of people upload videos to YouTube, and millions of videos are uploaded by people daily. Some people on YouTube were able to make a career on making videos as you can make money by the amount of views you get on each video, as long as it's in order to their terms of rules. For example, a YouTuber who goes by the name Pewdiepie made a career of uploading YouTube videos, and makes a range of $15 million per year. As you can see, YouTube.com grew to be one of the biggest websites in history.


Youtube is great for people of all kind who watch videos of all kind,but I wanna talk about why it's great for artistic people. A Lot of artistic people believe or not hates Youtube and thinks is garbage, but i strongly disagree, and this is my reason. One thing great about being an artist, whether if it's music, dancing, visual arts, and etc., is that you can always be inspired by someone else’s work. Maybe justing looking at what one has done can give you a new and fresh idea. Like i stated before, there’s almost videos on anything on Youtube, and most likely anything you’re interested in, another people is also interested in that as well. There’s billions of video and people showing off their art, and billions of videos of people who shows tutorials on how they made their art. Those kind of videos are perfect for an artist, because every artist needs a little bit of inspiration now and then from someone.

Not only can you be in inspired by people, but people can be inspired by you if you ever decided to share one of your own videos. Some artists love to keep their work to themselves which is always okay, but you're one who likes to show your work, YouTube is one website I think you may like to use since the website has over 100 millions users. People may have a look at the creative work or words you may wanna put out there, and give someone else a good idea for someone of their own. Just to add, it's almost like running a TV show where everything that happens in the show all all up to you, nobody could tell how things it's run, because it's all about you.

In conclusion. Youtube is a way for us to be able to share the beautiful art we want people to see, now matter what it is, and for us to see the creative minds of others.

- By Curt Naddy