Positive Week by Tyreek Peppers

Positive Week


This week has been a positive one. In other words, I was very excited because of my internship at 1Hood. Not only that, but if some don’t recall, it’s Black History Month—the month where we look back to the past and celebrate our black ancestors. Not only to celebrate, but to give thanks to those who’ve passed on doing and leaving behind something great.


I would also like to talk about the week I’ve been having in general: working at 1Hood as an intern. 1Hood is an organization that helps young people from the community. 1Hood is also big on helping people hone in on their talents and skills, so that they use them for their advantage in the future. The few days that I’ve been working at 1Hood, I enjoyed meeting the other interns and supervisors. Everyone that works at 1Hood has the same common goal and interests. I was surrounded by an atmosphere that was really warm and positive. Everyday, there was something new to do at the office, and every time I’m there I learn something new.


I’m also working with another organization called the Youth Enrichment Service. The Youth Enrichment Service, or YES Program, is a place that focuses on the youth. The YES program helps students pursue education and helps them reach future goals. While working with YES, I’ve been training to become a mentor. Before I could become a mentor, I had to persuade the organization as to why I wanted to become a mentor by writing a essay. After the organization read my essay, they started preparing me for my mentee. The organization asked me again why I wanted become a mentor; I told them that I plan on leaving a positive mark, giving them a role model that can lead them in a positive way, and showing the youth that grows up in the hood that, even though life gets hard and knocks you down, you get back up.


This week was a very positive week because University Prep High School threw an event in honor of Black History Month. The principal, vice principal, and a few of the staff put together an event that I surely won’t be forgetting for a while. The event was held on 2/16/17. Dinner started at 5-7:00 p.m., and it had entertainment and food. A couple of students took part in the event, and parents and students were invited to come out and take part in the festivities, as well. University Prep itself produced a duet of “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, sung by two young ladies; a spoken word piece, poetry, and a traditional African dance routine. As the event was ending, I interviewed random people about how they liked the event. The responses I received were exciting. There was comments like, “Fantastic!” and, “Remarkable!”.


All in all, this week was a positive one. I began training to become a mentor for the YES program,  I started an internship at 1Hood that helps people discover their talents and skills, and University Prep threw a Black History event. I think that the University Prep Black History event was a nice touch, in honor of Dr. Charter G. Woodson, the creator of Black History Month.