Who am I? by Curtis Herndon

Who am I? by Curtis Herndon

         My name is Curtis Herndon, and I am an 18 year old senior from Pittsburgh Westinghouse High School. I was born in Pittsburgh on March 3rd 1998. I grew up in a house of four which included my mother, my father, my older brother Gary, and myself. When I was younger I aspired to be many things such as a police officer, an astronaut, a game designer, and a rapper. My new goal is to be a music producer, video producer, comedian, and singer.


       When I was in third grade, my teacher Mrs. Russell asked me if I was interested in learning how to play the trombone. I was very open and took the opportunity, so for 6 months during that year I played the trombone. For the next two years left in Elementary School I keep learning new songs on the trombone, and then started playing the piano, I was now learning two instruments. I moved on to Middle School, which to be honest wasn’t fun for me because I was bullied for 3 years, but I never gave up on what I loved. While still playing piano and trombone, I decided to learn how to play the snare drum for the school band. While learning a single drum, I thought to myself “Why don't I take on a whole drum set?’ and so I did just that. I still play all those instruments until this day.


       I believe it was third grade that my dad gave me a shiny camera that made videos up to 30 seconds. That camera was like my best friend as I started using it everywhere I went. I made random videos of literally whatever I wanted. Jumping to middle school when I took computer class where I learned to use Movie Maker to edit the videos I recorded, later on to see that video editing would be a big part of something big in my life. High school was the start of that big something. Vine was released and I wanted to be a part of it, so I made an account under the name Curt Naddy, which was a name my brother use to annoy me with, but it was there as a place holder until I thought of another name. Later on to see many people liked my videos, and would remember me as Curt Naddy, so I made it my official stage name. I incorporated my skills from Vine to YouTube and made better use of my skills there. After people saw what I can do, they wanted help from me and I decided to use these newfound skills to help others. Doing this showed me I had a talent I could make money from, then I started that big something, my own media business titled “Naddy Productions”


       While a toddler, my favorite show was Blue’s Clues, I had all the toys and clothes from the show. One thing that stood out was Steve taking out his notebook and drawing objects and showing us how they are drawn. I took advantage and drew what he drew, and that was my start of being a visual artist. Later on in life I would attend art class on the side while still attending schools, because a lot of schools I went to did not offer art to us. Three years ago I took my art to another level when a program called the Lighthouse Project taught me a lot of graphic designing on Photoshop. Photoshop became a big part of my media business as it’s how I make flyers, album covers, and just awesome art pieces to give to people.


by Curtis "Curt Naddy" Herndon