They Don’t Make No Awards For That

A review of the Grammys by Livefromthecity

So let’s get this out of the way right now, the Grammys, the Oscars, and pretty much any academy-based awards show is is going to be very whitewashed. Are we really supposed to be surprised that Adele swept all the major categories? Are we supposed to be shocked that they gave Beyonce’ Best Urban Contemporary Album? We are talking about the same academy that gave Macklemore Best Rap Album over Kendrick Lamar after Kendrick dropped a modern day classic while your boy Macklemore, um didn’t fam. So let’s not act like we haven’t been down the road of our culture being completely shitted on before. We ain’t new to this.


Remember what Kanye did 10 years ago? Is that starting to make sense to anyone yet? Sure, he was drunk. But drunk minds speak sober thoughts, right? All of that hype around America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift died down since then, and now we the people are starting to realize that this nigga actually had a motherfucking point. This nigga Kanye recognized the problem LONG before the millenial “woke” era. It took our generation’s best rapper (Kendrick) to make an uber pro-black album for us to wake up and pay attention to this shit. 



I know y’all niggas watched that speech Adele gave at the end of the show. That was just as bad as Macklemore posting those texts up three years ago. But this time, she did it in front of everyone. “Bey, I know you deserve this award, but I’m going to accept it while I tell you how much you deserve it more than me.” Come on Adele, that’s bullshit. We all know damn well you wanted that trophy. This is your comeback season. This entire thing was designed in your favor ma. Soak up the glory. Soak it in good. Rub it all over your white body. You won the award. White people need to do us a favor and enjoy their privilege in fucking silence fam. We tired of y’all telling us how much we deserve the shit that y’all got, and then not doing anything in your privileged power to help us get it. For yet another year, a white person had all eyes on them, on one of the biggest platforms in the world, in one of the biggest moments of the year, during music’s biggest night, and chose to exercise their privilege and flaunt that in front of millions of people. 


Adele, you had a chance to do what you knew was the right thing to do. You chose to walk off of the stage with the trophy. You chose to take all of the awards home with you and display them in your trophy case. You chose to speak up and tell Beyonce’ how great her album is, how all of your black friends love it, and how it makes you feel as a woman. And with all of that said, you still gonna take that trophy home because you wanted it. You wanted to win that award. You don’t get any brownie points in the black community if you tell us how bad you feel for us. There were many moments during the night that we could point to as examples of white privilege being exerted straight up to our faaaaaaace (Drake v.) but that would require a  series of think pieces that I ain’t go no time to write. The bottom line is we don’t need white people to speak up about their privilege. We see it. We acknowledge it whether you notice or not. We need action. White people need to take a stand when they know it is right.